Nativity Coins


We have a tradition at Nativity, the “Lighting the Way Award.” It is given to parishioners and others who join us in lighting the way to Christ in outstanding and significant ways. The award itself is a silver or bronze medal, with the Shield and Church of the Nativity of Our Lord 1917 on one side. The other side depicts the front of Church and our motto “Lighting the Way.” Below is a list of those who have received a coin over the past several years:

Rev. J.C. Allison Silver
Rev. Thomas Axe Silver
Mr. Robert A. Conway Silver
Mrs. Paula Hoeffer, Teacher Bronze 2012
Mr. Dave Lucas, Teacher Bronze 2013
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Sue Garry Silver 2014
Mrs. Mindy Burger, Teacher Bronze 2014
Fr. Ron Lewinski, Parish Mission Bronze 2015
Ms. Loi Latscha, Teacher Bronze 2015
Mr. Gerry Ahrens, Teacher Bronze 2015
Mr. Robert Herring, Principal Silver 2015
Ms. Eileen Burke-Sullivan, Parish Mission Bronze 2016
Sr. Mary Joan Schimian Bronze 2016
Mrs. Kit Valerius, Teacher Aide Bronze 2016
Sr. Joan DeChristopher Silver 2017
Mr. Jack Jezreel, Parish Mission Bronze 2017
Mrs. Mary Jo Horton, Teachers Aide Bronze 2018
International Exchange Schools
Dr. Aletta Jacobs College  –  Netherlands Bronze 2010
School #3  –  Ukraine Bronze 2010
Mysaidlo School  –  Poland Bronze 2010
Otto Hahn Gymnasium – Germany Bronze 2010
Long Cheng Middle School – China Bronze 2012
Thomas Alva Edison School – Mexico Bronze 2012
Ecole Jeanette Manuel School – France Bronze 2016
Prescott School in Arequipa – Peru Bronze 2018