GoodShepardFor the past two weeks we have had such good experiences with the children coming directly into Atrium that we will continue with this practice.  The children have been able to choose work, to join into lessons and to have fewer transitions from one space to another.

We had some great memorable moments this morning.  One child had asked me to do the Good Shepherd work with him.  While I read the scripture booklet he moved the Good Shepherd and the sheep around the outside of the sheepfold.  When I read the verse, “I give my life for my sheep,” I heard in response, “I give my life for God.”  We do not always get these windows into the depth of children’s experience, but when we do, we treasure them.

During work time the children were making good choices of work.  Brass, silver, and wood polishing are ways that we take care of things so that their beauty reminds us of God and brings us joy.  Arranging flowers and brightening our room with them engages children in choosing a vase, filling it with water, cutting the flower stem to a good length, deciding where to place the vase and cleaning up the flower arranging table for the next person.  Sometimes children bring their arrangement to show me so that I can enjoy the beauty too.  I am enjoying the beauty of the flowers and the beauty of seeing the children grow more kind, loving, thoughtful and aware through their work.

At prayer time I lit a candle.  At first we heard a couple of children shout, “Fire!” in mock alarm.  I paused in what I was doing.  We talked about when I light a candle safely there is no cause for alarm.  They agreed that there was no danger from the candle.  I then acknowledged that when the power of fire is not used respectfully and safely, fire can be a danger.  By respecting the lit candle and not shouting out about it we will keep from having candles be dangerous.  They nodded in agreement.

The really neat part about our candle light came next.  I told them that I could see the light of Christ reflected in their eyes.  They started looking at one another and recognized that they could see the light of Christ in one another.  We reinforced this with a song:

I see the love of God in you
The light of Christ come shining through
And I am blessed to be with you,
Oh holy child of God.

We went forth to go find the Light of Christ shining in our families and our friends.