Dear Parishioners,

It is a blessing to be in God’s presence and stand in His service.  Together we have the opportunity and privilege of being the real presence of Christ in our community.  We have had 100 years and more to live this life of Christ in this parish. In the course of a century many things happen, many things change.  Today I ask that you welcome a small change in our day to day life. As of July 6/7, our Mass schedule will be: Saturday 4:30 pm & Sunday 10:00 am. 

This change is incumbent on us in light of the increasing difficulty in being able to provide priests as help when I am away.  We have a church which seats approximately 600 people, making 1,800 seats available for 3 Masses on the weekend. Our average attendance for all three Masses combined totals 498. It takes approximately 25-30 people for each Mass to be covered by Lay ministers, e.g. servers, music ministry, communion ministers, lectors, etc.

Coming together to a full church will also provide enrichment of our worship. We are never more like Christ than when we come together to celebrate the Eucharist.  Of further concern is also my health. It is most likely that I will be the last priest assigned solely to Nativity. At some point Nativity and Holy Trinity will be the responsibility of one priest.  Between now and then, although in relatively good health, it is difficult for me to be recovered from one Mass to the next on the same day.

Thank you for your understanding and God’s continued blessings upon us which leaves us not angry, but grateful that we live in a place where we can truly celebrate our faith, most especially the Eucharist.



 Paul F. DeLuca, Pastor