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Dear Fellow Parishioners,

fr-paulEach time at Nativity, we are struck anew by the generosity of our parishioners. The grounds are clean and attractive. The buildings are well-maintained and high-functioning. The church inspires worship and the school enhances our children’s learning.

Since 1990 – when the parish first created a Facilities Management Commission – parishioners and staff have worked together to preserve and improve our parish home. The Nativity Annual Fund, in place since 1999, has been a vital part of that success.

This year – after a year off for the Archdiocese’s “One Faith, One Hope, One Love” campaign – Nativity’s Development Commission has an ambitious list of goals for our Annual Fund.

Under the 2016 “Completing Our Projects” campaign, we seek to again raise $100,000 to finish projects we’ve made priorities in recent years: classroom improvements, new doors and security equipment, along with more dollars for the Education Fund. We also are asking for $10,000 for the Second Century Fund which will support future facility improvements in the church and school.

Please take a moment to read more about the “Completing Our Projects” goals below, as well as the long-term plans for major renovations to our school and church. And you are welcome, of course, to be in touch with us or other members of the Development Commission with your questions.

Thank you for your great generosity over the years – and for what we hope will be a successful effort at “Completing Our Projects” this year. May we continue to enjoy God’s many blessings!

Fr. Paul DeLuca
Nativity Pastor
Parish Office: 531-3164
Mike Garry
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 937-313-1469
Tammy Reasoner
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-259-5404


Amount Raised

$75,000 raised to date from 178 families

Updated on 6/24/2017

Annual Fund Brochure

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

John and Julie Abraham, Jonathan and Mary Albers, Greg and Heather Albright, David and Betsy Allaire, Greg and Mary Arcuino, William and Mary Jo Bach, Thomas and Kathleen Badinghaus, William and Karla Bailey, Dave and Karen Barnes, William and Sally Baum, Jim and Liz Bellew, George and Deirdre Beluan, Clete and Ann Benken, Judith Beridon, Patricia Binford, Nate and Dana Bishop, Guillaume and Luan Blancher, Pauline Boissonneault, John and Jouett Brenzel, Dottie Brinker, William and Jan Brown, John and Peg Bruggeman, Wally and Sandra Bucher, Allan and Suzanne Burgei, Greg and Maura Carpinello, Margaret Casey, Mike and Katie Chapman, Wayne and Janice Chapman, Ann Chisko, Ed and Nancy Ciarniello, Brian and Jennifer Clark, Matthew and Kelley Coffey, James Conroy, Brendan and Rachel Cronin, Mike and June Daley, Thomas and Barbara Daugherty, Angela Davis, Rosie Dechering, Fr. Paul DeLuca, Lee and Dianna DeRhodes, Norman and Roseanne Dickerson, Tom and Mary Beth Donelan, Elizabeth End, Stella Evans, Henry and Donna Faulk, John and Beth Finn, George Fisher and Barb Riley, David and Catherine Fishlock, Steve and Dianne Fisk, Neal Gardner, Mike and Sharon Garry, Timothy A. Garry, Brian and Rebecca Gernetzke, Margaret Gilbert, Scott and Linda Glaser, Kevin and Beth Glass, Tom and Blanche Glenn, Andrew and Katie Goodrich, Ted and Terri Gossard, Donald and Jeanmarie Gregg, Tom Grogan, Steve and Christine Guyer, Jim Hagerty, Shannon Hall, Alice Harkins, Steve and Carrie Hawkins, Moria Heckler, Martha Heidkamp, Carren Herring, Mary Herrmann, Tim and Molly Heyl, Daniel and Laura Hillerich, Aaron and Crystal Hollon, John Holmes Connie Honerlaw, Terrence and Birgit Hooker, Gary and Mary Jo Horton, Shawn Hostiuck, Joe and Barbara Iaciofano, Elias Igbonegun, Garrett and Ellen Jackson, Ronald Jackson, Bob and Lisa Jennings, Rick and Tara Jones, Matt and Rachel Kemper, Eric and Sarah Kleiner, Robert and Mary Gene Kling, Stephen and Mary Ann Klonne, Roger and Julie Klug, Heidi Knellinger and Cathy Newman, Lothar and Maria Kreppel, Roger and Michelle Krummen, Lin Laing, Matthew and Kathleen Lake, Rick and Christine Lane, Ken and Susan Lay, Joe and Kelly Leanza, Eileen Lee, Shannon Lively, David and Judy Lococo, Patty Long, Jeanne Longeway, Sylvia Mabry, Albert and Mary Lou Matre, John Matre, Michael McNamara, Joseph and Kathy Mellen, Richard and Kathleen Merz, Pat and Kathy Michel, Jim Miller, John and Kathy Mitchell, Jim and Laurie Molloy, Jason and Alicia Moser, Jim and Beth Muething, Paul and Terri Muething, Jeff and Kim Mumper, Larry and Barbara Mustard, Tim and Elizabeth Myers, Nativity Boosters, Nativity PTA, Brent and Janet Nawroth, David and Sarah Navarro, Robert and Margaret Nawalaniec, Doug and Patti Newberry, Dan and Kris Neyer, Mark and Gretchen Niswonger, Rick and Carol Osterwisch, Claire Overbeck, William and Jacqueline Park, Roy and Judith Parsons, Joe and Trina Perin, Glenn Pfister, Tom and Mary Anne Phalen, Christopher Pohlman, Jane Pohlman, Gary and Jeanne Pollock, Maxine Potter, Chris and Lauri Pramuk, Allan and Karen Rahe, Alex Ramirez and Yvette Neirouz, Bob and Sue Ramsay, Jeff and Tammy Reasoner, Mary Reichling, Ted and Tricia Renneker, Fred and Katie Robertshaw, Jim and Megan Robinson, Pat and Mary Ann Romanello, Eleanor Rutishauser, Mary Ryan, Ed and Holly Sauerbrunn, Mike and Michelle Schuster, Margaret Seboldt, Dan and Margaret Shaw, Marilyn Sheeran, Albert Sickling, Linn Sinnott, Shirley Smith, Rob and Bitsy Smyjunas, Tim and Bea Souder, Juanita Stayton, Bob and Mary Stewart, Clint and Kathy Symons, Lester Tierney, Rita Timoney, Joe and Diana Trevino, Dave and Anne Tobin, Roger and Nita Toennis, Barbara Tyirin, John and Robyn VanRens, Casey Wagner, Randy and Jan Weaver, Paul and Cheryl Weisgerber, Brian and Rose Wendel, Ward and Jane Wenstrup, Gary and Chris Wright, Dick and Pam Wulker, Mary Zenk, Paul and Alison Zlatic

2016 Annual Fund Goals

14097308460_b7a01acb5b_oIn 2016, Nativity seeks $100,000 in contributions for the following projects:

  • $30,000 to renovate the school art room with new flooring, ceiling and cabinets.
  • $23,000 to install the three last (of 11 in total) secure custom-made glass-paneled doors on parish grounds.
  • $12,000 to upgrade WiFi in all classrooms.
  • $10,000 to continue building the School Education Fund.
  • $10,000 to seed the Second Century Fund.
  • $9,300 toward replacing desks and chairs in classrooms.
  • $5,700 to add four (of 13 in total) security cameras on parish grounds.

Long Term Potenial Plans

mensclubAs Nativity looks forward to its 100th anniversary in 2017, the 2016 Annual Fund will provide $10,000 in seed money for future major capital renovations in the school and church.

The Second Century Fund will pay for plans laid out in the 2011 Master Plan for Nativity’s campus, which were updated and approved by Parish Council in 2015.

Long-term potential School Renovation Plans include:

  • Phase 1
    • Creating a computer lab/library/world language room in the old school gym.
    • Turning the existing main office into a conference room and tutoring space.
  • Phase 2
    • Relocating the main entrance to the courtyard.
    • Moving the main office to what is now the library.

Long-term potential Church Renovation Plans include:

  • Replacing existing pews and kneelers with new reconfigured seating.
  • Lowering the choir space.
  • Installing a new prominent altar space, baptismal font and flooring.
  • Replacing the “cry room” with a chapel.

artroomParish Staff, the Development Commission and Parish Council are considering various funding methods and timelines for these major initiatives and will share more information as it becomes available.

Completing Our Projects

Thanks to your generosity, Nativity has been improving its home at Ridge and Woodford for nearly 100 years.

  • In 1990, the parish created a Facilities Management Commission to begin drafting a Long-Range Campus Plan.
  • In 1995, the then-new Development Commission began looking at short- and long-term financial needs, launching the first Annual Fund in 1999
  • In 2001, a Master Plan Steering Committee laid the ground work for a comprehensive campus plan including major parish building projects.

classroomCombined, capital campaign and Annual Fund dollars have made possible major upgrades to the school (cafeteria, classrooms, elevator); the church (new roof, new heating and cooling, window repairs); and the grounds (parking lot, courtyard, exterior gathering spots). And the entire parish has enjoyed the new gym and a debt-free balance sheet.

The 2016 Annual Fund asks for your continued support to complete most of the work we’ve begun. Your contribution, no matter its size, is most welcome. To contribute, please give online or mail a check to the Parish Office. If your employer offers matching gifts, please contact your human resources office for details.

The Development Committee

Fr. Paul DeLuca – Pastor

Julie Abraham – Development Coordinator

Allan Burgei – Chair

John Bruggeman

Curt Brunswick

Holly End

Mike Garry – Annual Fund Co-Chair

Rick Jones – Planned Giving Chair

Patti Newberry

Mary Anne Phalen

Bob Ramsey

Tammy Reasoner – Annual Fund Co-Chair

Jim Robinson

Special thanks to the Annual Fund 2016 brochure team: Jim Molloy, designer; Patti Newberry, writer; Rudy Gruenke, photographer and web support; and Sharon Kindell and Cindy Schlegel, staff support.