Starting Our Second Century

2018 Annual Fund

Dear Friends,

2018 has been an exceptional year for making major improvements to our campus! In our church, we’ve installed new pews, refurbished the flooring and renovated shrines. In our school, we’ve transformed the old gym into a new Learning Commons which houses a new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) lab, tech lab, library, study rooms and multipurpose space. Across the hall from the Learning Commons, we’ve created a dedicated classroom for our Spanish and Latin teachers. The new administrative office suite is now located on the first floor and includes more space for our teachers and staff.

WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! These wonderful improvements to our campus have been made possible by your donations to  the Into Our Second Century 2017 Annual Fund; the Nativity School Renovation Fund; the Archdiocesan One Faith, One Hope, One Love Campaign (Nativity receives a 20% rebate on all parishioner donations); and your past gifts held in reserve for future church renovations. Your generosity, along with support from local foundations and our Nativity alumni, has allowed us to complete all this work debt free. We are sincerely grateful!

As we look ahead to Nativity’s future, our Starting Our Second Century 2018 Annual Fund seeks $100,000 in donations to replace flooring in the parish cafeteria and adjacent hallway, and upgrade bathrooms in the church, making them accessible to all. Please take a moment to read more about the Starting Our Second Century 2018 Annual Fund campaign in the enclosed brochure. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Will you help Nativity continue to upgrade our facilities? Will you consider giving generously to the 2018 Annual Fund?

Thank you for your generosity in the past – and in advance – for improving our parish facilities through your support! May we continue to enjoy God’s blessings as we start Nativity’s next 100 years!

Fr. Paul DeLuca
Nativity Pastor
Parish Office: 531-3164
Dianne Fisk
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-382-5568
Rick Jones
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-703-0982

P.S. Join us on May 18, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. for a special event marking the 50th anniversary of the church’s dedication.


Amount Raised

As of February 22, 2019, 116 Nativity families have donated $55,946 to our “Starting Our Second Century” 2018 Annual Fund.

Annual Fund Brochure

Annual Fund Brochure Image

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

William and Mary Jo Bach, Tom and Kathy Badinghaus, Dave and Karen Barnes, Jim and Liz Bellew, George and Deirdre Beluan, Clete and Ann Benken, Judith Beridon, Nate and Dana Bishop, Guillaume and Luan Blancher, John and Jouett Brenzel, Dottie Brinker, Bill and Jan Brown, Curt and Rebecca Brunswick, Wally and Sandra Bucher, Allan and Suzanne Burgei, John and Cathy Burns, Margaret Casey, Wayne and Janice Chapman, Ed and Nancy Ciarniello, Justin and Lisa Claypool, Angela Davis, Paul Debono and Donita Parrish, Lee and Diana DeRhodes, Ryan and Ana Dempsey, Jim and Kathy Devanney, James and Julie DeVanney, Christian and Holly End, Elizabeth End, Carmen Evans, Stella Evans, John and Beth Finn, George Fisher and Barb Riley, Amy Francis, Dawn and Ronald Freudenberg, Neal Gardner, Michael and Sharon Garry, Margaret Gilbert, Kevin and Beth Glass, Tom and Blanche Glenn, Donald and Jeanmarie Gregg, Tom Grogan, Mark Haettenschwiller, Steve and Carrie Hawkins, Xavier Hecker, Sister Carren Herring, Daniel and Laura Hillerich, Zack and Beth Holt, Connie Honerlaw, Joe and Barbara Iaciofano, Todd and Lea Immell, Ronald Jackson, Bob and Lisa Jennings, Rick and Tara Jones, Kathryn Kaelin, Steve and Moira King, Stephen and Mary Ann Klonne, Charlie and Melissa Knapke, Maria Kreppel, Lin Laing, Eileen Lee, Jeanne Longeway, Michael McNamara, James and Suzanne Macke, Edward and Beth Magner, John Matre, Joe and Cathy Mellen, Pat and Kathy Michael, Don Miller, Jim and Laurie Molloy, David Morris, Jason and Alicia Moser, Paul and Terri Muething, Nativity Boosters, Nativity PTA, Margaret Nawalaniec, Balazs and Suzanne Nemeth, Joe and Andrea Nolan, Richard Norton, Shawn and Amy O’Brien, Michael and Jacqueline O’Connor, Rick and Carol Osterwisch, Thomas and Julia Palermo, Roy and Judy Parsons, Joe and Trina Perin, Tom and Mary Anne Phalen, Christopher Pohlman, Jane Pohlman, Maxine Potter, Allan and Karen Rahe, Alex Ramierz and Yvette Neirovz, John and Eunice Ravenna, Mark and Maureen Reese, Mary Reichling, David and Colleen Retig, Jim and Megan Robinson, Pat and Mary Ann Romanello, Eleanor Rutishauser, Dan and Margaret Shaw, Marilyn Sheeran, Kevin and Lise Sigward, Shirley Smith, Tim and Bea Souder, Lester Tierney, Rita Timoney, Dave and Anne Tobin, Roger and Nita Toennis, Joe and Diana Trevino, Joseph and Debora VanGils, David and Moira Volker, Stan and Helen Vollman, Edward and Emily VonDohre, Randall and Jan Weaver, Paul and Cheryl Weisgerber, Ward and Jane Wenstrup, Gary and Chris Wright, Mary Zenk,

2018 Annual Fund Goals

Nativity families enjoy the Centennial Circus, one of three special events held in 2017 celebrating 100 years of Nativity.

In 2018, Nativity’s Starting Our Second Century Annual Fund campaign seeks $100,000 in contributions for three priorities:

  • $40,000 for new flooring in the parish cafeteria, kitchen, kitchen office and adjacent hallways. The current flooring, installed in 1997, is in need of replacement given the frequent, parish-wide use of the space.
  • $50,000 for updated bathrooms in the church including adaptations for accessibility. The existing bathrooms date back to 1969.
  • $10,000 to the School Education Fund, a long-standing Annual Fund priority for tuition assistance.

With your continued help, we can move forward on our 2018 plans. Thanks in advance for your contribution – no matter its size.

Our History of Giving

Father Paul helps set cornerstone in St. Sebastian Hall in 2009.

Nativity’s history of giving dates back decades. Major milestones include:

  • 1990: Facilities Management Commission formed.
  • 1992: First long-range pastoral plan drafted to catalog parish building needs.
  • 1995: Development Commission created to address parish financial needs.
  • 1999: First Annual Fund launched to raise dollars for yearly priorities.
  • 2001: Master Plan Steering Committee formed to identify large parish projects.
  • 2002-09: “Future Is Now” capital campaign executed for master plan projects, with $3.4 million in contributions allowing for construction of St. Sebastian Hall and other major projects
  • 2010 Onward: Annual Fund dollars devoted to continued capital updates to our campus

    New pews and kneelers have been installed in church.

  • 2017: Celebration of our centennial year with three special events, and major renovations to our church and the school.
  • 2018: “Starting Our Second Century” Annual Fund launched to replace floors in the school, renovate restrooms in the church and support the School Education Fund.

The Development Commission

Thanks to members of the Development Commission who planned the 2018 Annual Fund. Members include

  • Fr. Paul DeLuca – Pastor
  • Julie Abraham – Development Director
  • Allan Burgei – Chair
  • John Bruggeman
  • Curt Brunswick
  • Holly End
  • Dianne Fisk – Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Mike Garry
  • Rick Jones – Planned Giving Chair & Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Patti Newberry
  • Mary Anne Phalen
  • Bob Ramsey
  • Tammy Reasoner
  • Jim Robinson

Special thanks to the Annual Fund 2018 brochure team: Jim Molloy, designer; Patti Newberry, writer; Tom Baker, photographer; Rudy Gruenke, web support; and Sharon Kindell and Cindy Schlegel, staff support.