Celebrating a Century of Nativity! Learn more about our centennial celebrations!

fr-paulDear Friends,

2017 has been an exceptional year for remembering and celebrating 100 years of Nativity! Our special events for Nativity families and alumni included:

  • A February Mass celebrated by Archbishop Schnurr followed by brunch in the school.
  • A June Centennial Celebration in the courtyard and St. Sebastian Hall.
  • A September Mass for Nativity alumni celebrated by Bishop Binzer followed by a reception, a history exhibit and tours of the school.
  • “100 Acts of Kindness’ performed by our students taking a designated month by grade.
  • To come…the November 5 Centennial Circus, for all Nativity families.

Many of those who attended the centennial special events at Nativity commented on how attractive and well-kept our campus looks. Thanks to your generosity, in 2009 we completed St. Sebastian Hall, a gym that doubles as a multipurpose space. Over the years, your annual fund dollars have allowed us to refurbish the courtyard and all the classrooms, replace windows and exterior doors, install security cameras throughout campus, and build an environmentally friendly rain garden. We sincerely thank you for making this possible.

As we look ahead to Nativity’s future, our 2017 Nativity Annual Fund “Into Our Second Century” seeks $100,000 in donations to help construct a new technology center, make improvements to our church, and purchase a high-grade projection system. Please take a moment to read more about the “Into Our Second Century” goals, and future school and church building priorities in the enclosed brochure. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Will you help Nativity continue to thrive into our second century? Will you consider giving generously to the 2017 Annual Fund?

Thank you again for your generosity in the past – and in advance for improving our church and school through your support. May we continue to enjoy God’s blessings during our next 100 years!

Fr. Paul DeLuca
Nativity Pastor
Parish Office: 531-3164
Holly End
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-505-5810
Dianne Fisk
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-382-5568


Amount Raised

As of November 9, 2017 54 Nativity families have donated $13,835 to our “Into Our Second Century” 2017 Annual Fund!


Annual Fund Brochure

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

Greg and Heather Albright, William and Mary Jo Bach, James and Elizabeth Badinghaus, Dave and Karen Barnes, George and Deirdre Beluan, John and Peg Bruggeman, Greg and Maura Carpinello, Mike and Katie Chapman, Ann Chisko, Ed and Nancy Ciarniello, Brian and Jennifer Clark, Lee and Diana DeRhodes, Tom and Mary Beth Donelan, Tim and Tina DuMont, Christian and Holly End, Neal Gardner, Margaret Gilbert, Tom and Blanche Glenn, Donald and Jeanmarie Gregg, Alice Harkins, Joseph and Barbara Iaciofano, Ronald Jackson, Steve and Moria King, Bob and Mary Gene Kling, Steve and Mary Ann Klonne, Roger and Michelle Krummen, Lin Laing, Patty Long, Jeanne Longeway, John Matre, James Miller, Dan and Kris Neyer, Roy and Judith Parsons, Joe and Trina Perin, Christopher Pohlman, Jane Pohlman, Maxine Potter, Allan and Karen Rahe, Andrew Ramsay and Maureen Scobey, Bob and Sue Ramsay, Jeff and Tammy Reasoner, Mary Reichling, David and Colleen Rettig, Pat and Mary Ann Romanello, Eleanor Rutishauser, Marilyn Sheeran, Kevin and Lise Sigward, Linn Sinnott, Rita Timoney, Kay Wagner, Randall and Jan Weaver, Paul and Cheryl Weisgerber, Ward and Jane Wenstrup, Gary and Chris Wright,

2017 Annual Fund Goals

The courtyard was renovated with past Annual Fund dollars donated by Nativity families.

In 2017, Nativity’s “Into Our Second Century” Annual Fund campaign seeks $100,000 in contributions for the following projects.

  • 2017 Annual Fund dollars will help construct a new technology center.

    $50,000 for church improvements including installing new flooring in the sanctuary and refinishing woodwork and interior doors.

  • $35,000 to help construct a new technology center.
  • $10,000 to the School Education Fund, a long-standing priority for Nativity annual fund campaigns.
  • $5,000 to buy high-grade projection systems for school and parish-wide use.

The new 2017 Annual Fund dollars – paired with funds in hand from a variety of sources including foundations, Nativity’s rebate from parishioner contributions to the Archdiocesan 1Faith1Hope1Love campaign, and funds designated specifically for the church – will allow Nativity to move forward with long-planned and new projects as it begins its second century. Your contribution, no matter its size, is most welcome.

Long Term Plans

School Priorities

Phase I of the School Renovation Project includes a new library.

  • Phase I – Turn the old gym into a technology center/library/world language room and the existing school offices into tutoring rooms and family conference space.
  • Phase II – Relocate the main entrance of the school to the courtyard with a secure vestibule style entrance. Turn the existing library into school offices and upgrade the kindergarten classrooms.

Click the links to see preliminary floor plans for Phase I and Phase II of the School Renovation Project.






Church Priorities

  • Church priorities include new sanctuary flooring, tables, ambo and refinished woodwork, as well as new seating and kneelers.

    New seating and kneelers, new sanctuary flooring, sanctuary tables, new ambo, refinished woodwork and interior doors. Upgrade the shrines and devotional areas.

  • Improve church lighting, upgrade restrooms, and add an outdoor fire pit for liturgical use.



Our Centennial Celebration

Nativity celebrated its 100th anniversary with two outstanding events this year – with one more still to come.

On February 26, Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr celebrated the 100th Anniversary Mass at Nativity with more than 500 members of the parish enjoying the Mass and a delicious brunch.

On June 3, 200-plus members of the parish enjoyed the Centennial Celebration, with catered food stations, live music and the Men’s Club HomeBrew competition.

Coming up on November 5, the entire parish is invited to Nativity’s Centennial Circus. This free event runs noon to 2:30 p.m. in St. Sebastian Hall and the courtyard, with fun photo opportunities, games, circus entertainers, cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs and more.

The Development Committee

Fr. Paul DeLuca – Pastor


Julie Abraham – Development Coordinator

Allan Burgei – Chair

John Bruggeman

Curt Brunswick

Holly End – Annual Fund Co-Chair

Dianne Fisk – Annual Fund Co-Chair

Mike Garry

Rick Jones – Planned Giving Chair

Patti Newberry

Mary Anne Phalen

Bob Ramsey

Tammy Reasoner

Jim Robinson

Special thanks to the Annual Fund 2017 brochure team: Jim Molloy, designer; Patti Newberry, writer; Rudy Gruenke, photographer and web support; and Sharon Kindell and Cindy Schlegel, staff support.