Technology at Nativity

Nativity’s commitment to technology is evident through the use of computers and digital applications in all classrooms.  Not only do our students have access to technology, but they have teachers who have been trained to integrate computers into the curriculum.  Students use computers for research, presentations, skills practice and assessment, and word-processing.

  • Our updated computer lab consists of 30 LG ChromeBase’s and 2 projectors so students can easily see what the teacher is presenting
  • We have an additional 95 SunRays in the classrooms, with an average of six computers per classroom
  • All classrooms grades K-8 as well as Art, Music, and the Library have an interactive SmartBoard as well
  • All classroom teachers have a new (less then 2 years old) laptop running Windows 10 to use with in their classrooms and with their SmartBoard
  • The building has wireless Internet access
  • Nativity is using Google Apps for Education for email, websites, calendar and document sharing among faculty and staff and students in Grades K-8.
  • Teachers in grades 6-8 have a cart of Chromebooks and a cart of Nexus 7 tablets to use with students
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 each have a Chromebook that they use throughout the day in the classroom.
  • Teachers in grade 3 have enough Nexus 7 tablets for each student to have one
  • Teachers in grades K-2 have 6-8 Nexus 7 tablets to use with their students