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Ten Reasons to Attend Nativity


#10 Have Fun

You will enjoy time with your friends in sports or science, math or creative writing; work with art, choir, and drama. Nativity is a Great Place To Be!

#9 Become A Star

You can play in sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball or baseball. You can perform in a musical with the Nativity Players or produce and perform for the all-student Variety Show.

#8 Get Smart!

You will like learning the subjects for each grade in a friendly place. One or two subjects will become your naturals. Then, go for the Math Awards, Math Counts, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Amerigo Vespucci Map Award, and national student competitions.

#7 Explore New Things

Nativity classes are supported by the arts and technology. You will spend time with Visiting Artists from the Ohio Arts Council. You will sing with the Young Americans, make a book in the Publishing Center, and learn about different nations in the 6th Grade World Nations Project. You learn a lot searching the Internet and using computer programs.

#6 See The World

You can travel to other countries in the Student Exchange Program, host students from abroad, study the geography of the world, collaborate with students across the continents, and celebrate the history and culture of the family of nations. Torkinmaki School in Kokkola, Finland and Long Cheng Middle School in Liuzhou, China are our partners in global education. You could be the 8th grader who knows so much about the globe that you receive the Amerigo Vespucci Award.

#5 Win Lifelong Friendship

You will have the opportunity to study and play together, understand and celebrate differences. You will learn to think globally and have the opportunity to do service locally. You could have a pen pal in another country. At Nativity you can study where students of all faith traditions can feel at home.

#4 Experience Leadership

You will follow the spirit of Fr. Jerome Bartel, pastor of Nativity Parish for 40 years, and take a turn a leading a team for community service. You can join the stage crew for a Nativity Players production. or take a leadership role in Students Serving Others.  You will lead us in prayer on Buddy Day.

#3 Build Academic Excellence

Nativity students consistently win scholarships to our Catholic high schools.  You can learn Chinese or Spanish in Grades K-8 and have the option for Latin in Grades 7-8.  Nativity graduates are known for their geographic prowess in the classroom.  Standardized test scores consistently put Nativity among the top 20% of schools in the nation.  Our students work hard and they achieve.  It should come as no surprise that the US Department of Education named Nativity A National Blue Ribbon – No Child Left Behind School in 2005.


#2 Grow through Faith-Based Education

For many years the Sisters of Mercy taught at Nativity School, and we continue to offer Christian values education, rooted in the Gospel. We are a feeder to top Catholic and public high schools. You will catch the Spirit of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy: “Service to all.” You could receive one of our top student awards in her name.

The #1 Reason to Attend Nativity School: Because it’s Nativity!
Where you will grow to be an adult we’ll all be proud of.