Welcome to Nativity Baseball

Nativity offers baseball each spring for children ages 6 and up. We participate in District 4 of the Greater Cincinnati Knothole league, and sometimes in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) league depending on whether the team decides it wants to participate in a second league. Weather permitting, practice begins in March. Games for Knothole baseball begin the weekend of April 11th for the 2015 season. The Knothole regular season ends in June with tournament play beginning after the regular season ends and can last into July. If a team decides to participate in the CYO league, the CYO games begin in April and end in May.


Baseball rosters are determined in the Knothole league by birth age, whereas CYO teams are based upon grade level.  For the 2015 Knothole baseball season, the following are the age brackets that will determine at which level a child will be playing.


Level                              Birthdates

T-Ball Instructional         5/1/2009 thru 4/30/2010

T-Ball Year 2                 5/1/2008 thru 4/30/2009

T-Ball Year 3                 5/1/2007 thru 4/30/2008

D1                                 5/1/2006 thru 4/30/2007

D2                                 5/1/2005 thru 4/30/2006

C1                                 5/1/2004 thru 4/30/2005

C2                                 5/1/2003 thru 4/30/2004

B1                                 5/1/2002 thru 4/30/2003

B2                                 5/1/2001 thru 4/30/2002

A1                                 5/1/2000 thru 4/30/2001


Within the Knothole baseball rules, a child may play up a level, but never down. Nativity will make an effort to keep all family members on the same team if age, skill level and roster size allow. Nativity Athletics also reserves the right to move a player up an age level in order to right-size teams. Please note that all requests for moving a child up a playing level, placing on a specific team or with a specific coach are at the discretion of the Coordinator, Coaches and Athletic Director and those requests may be denied.

For specific information regarding eligibility and/or team formation please read Eligibility for Participation and Team Formation.

Baseball registration occurs online in January of each year. Registration fee is $40 per child not including the annual Boosters fee of $50 per family. Rosters are typically finalized in early March. Baseball schedules are normally released in late March or early April, and uniform pick up usually takes place in early April.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the Baseball Coordinator, Jim Robinson, at

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