Welcome to the Nativity Football Program!

The Nativity football program is open to students and parishioners in grades 1-8.  Our program is administrated by the athletic department of the St. Nicholas Academy Knights and composed of students from Nativity, St. Nicholas, Sts. Peter & Paul, St. Clement, and St. Cecilia. Together we offer four teams organized by grade and weight in the following divisions:

  • Bandit (grades 1-2, 100lbs and below)
  • Pony (grades 3-4, 120lbs and below)
  • Reserve (grades 5-6, 140lbs and below)
  • Varsity (grades 7-8, 170lbs and below).  

Our teams compete in the Greater Catholic Youth League and call Roger Bacon’s Bron Bacevich Stadium our home field.  The season consists of an eight game schedule beginning in late August with a 1-3 game postseason playoff.  The practices begin in late July and are staged 3 – 4 times per week at St. Nicholas Academy in Reading or Waterworks park in Norwood.  Bandit games include a 10 play offensive and defensive series each half.  Coaches accompany Bandit players on the field of play to provide direction and facilitate fair play.  The three other divisions play four eight minute quarters with a running clock and referees on the field.  All teams emphasize conditioning and agility while introducing fundamental football techniques and theory.

Registration and Fees:
Registration for Nativity Football will be done online.  Announcements for registration dates will be broadcast via the Nativity School weekly newsletter. All equipment including helmets, pads, practice and game uniforms are provided by St. Nicholas Academy and are included in your Nativity Booster and team fees. There is an annual $50 Boosters fee per family.  The registration fee for football is $100 for the first child and $40 for additional family members. All fees must be paid before your child’s uniform will be issued.

As with all Nativity sports, none of this can happen without help from our wonderful parents!  Home game days are particularly busy with many needs ranging from the concession stand to chain crews.

End of Season:
Team and individual pictures are taken at the discretion of the coach.  Celebrations are handled on a team by team basis.

Football Coordinator:
Your football coordinator, Michael Bock, is available to answer any additional questions you may have regarding our program.

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