Girls Basketball

Welcome to the Nativity Girls Basketball Program!

Nativity offers a fun and exciting Basketball program for girls.  We are affiliated with The Greater Cincinnati Catholic Youth Organization (CYO).  Girls in grades 3-8 may participate in the Fall program, which runs from August through November (10 games).

The teams are divided by grade, although there may be more than one team per grade or grades may be combined to form a team based on the number of girls that have signed up. This is considered a competitive league, meaning they do keep score at all levels and they also participate in a post-season tournament.

The CYO objective is to provide opportunities for young people to be involved in competition to develop physical fitness, self-discipline, mental alertness and attitudes of sportsmanship, based on Christian principles of fair play and cooperation, under well organized and properly supervised forms of athletics. The goal of the CYO is to instill in young people the attitudes and characteristics that will make them better adjusted now and in the future.

CYO Athletics is not just about the final score. It’s about positive coaching, sportsmanship for children and their parents, learning to live together in a diverse community, maximizing talents, and fostering the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength in each of us.

For specific information regarding eligibility and/or team formation please read Eligibility for Participation and Team Formation.

Registration and Fees:
Registration for Nativity Basketball will be done online.  Announcements for registration dates will be broadcast via the Nativity School weekly newsletter.  There is an annual $50 Boosters fee per family.  The registration fee for Basketball is $40 per child for each season.  All fees must be paid before your child’s uniform will be issued.  

Parents are required to work the door at our home games at least one time per season. As with all Nativity sports, none of this can happen without help from our wonderful parents! Please consider volunteering as a coach or assistant coach for Nativity Basketball.  

End of Season:
Team and individual pictures are taken at the discretion of the coach.  Celebrations are handled on a team by team basis.

Girls Basketball Coordinator:
Your girls Basketball coordinator, Suzanne McConn, is available to answer any additional questions you may have regarding our program.

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