Dear Nativity Community –

As another week of the Stay at Home, order passes us, we look forward to the days when we can gather again and see each other. When things do reopen there will be a new normal for us all. From wearing masks in public to fewer people allowed to gather we must do our part to help stop the spread of this virus. This week staff in the school and parish office are working to finalize the plans for all the end of year events. We are trying to keep these events as “normal” as possible in this highly unusual time.

While our campus is closed work around the campus has continued. A new roof was installed on the school building, work in the cafeteria and the handicap bathroom in the church are well underway. Several outside projects have been started as well as regular summer maintenance. These projects were committed too long before the Coronavirus outbreak and by doing them now we are able to keep our maintenance staff as well as some contractors working. This work also puts our facilities in excellent shape and resolves some of the ongoing issues we have had. More information about these projects can be found on our Facebook pages.

This weeks Weekly Encounter with the Risen Christ is Peter and John Reach the Tomb John 20:1-10, and can be found on the website at Today we received word from the Archdiocese and updated about Masses/liturgies which are now suspended through May 29. Hopefully, we will be able to celebrate Pentecost together on May 30/31.

We are continuing to post updates about Nativity’s response to the Coronavirus in the Update Center on our website at you can also contact Rudy Gruenke, Director of Systems & Special Projects at (513) 531-3164 or if you have any questions about our response to the coronavirus.


Fr. Paul