Nativity Parishioners,

As communicated to you previously, effective July 1, 2020, I begin my retirement.  Also, effective July 1st, the Holy Trinity – Nativity Pastoral Region will be implemented, with Father Eric Roush as Pastor.

I do wish to take this opportunity to share with you that the progression of my Parkinson’s Disease has been negatively impacted by the stress that comes with the administration of the Parish and its School.  I have been subject to increased stress in recent weeks, and it has become more physically challenging.

The mind, however is as clear as ever, thanks be to God!  Indeed, in meeting with the Archbishop earlier this week, he shared feedback from the Chancellor and other diocesan officials attesting to my decision-making abilities.  I enter retirement as a priest of the Archdiocese in good standing.   I take great comfort in knowing, and sharing with you, whom I have pastored for sixteen years, that to the very end I have exercised my office with all due care and deliberation, showing partiality to none and kindness to all.  For those who know this, no further assurance is needed.

Transitions are never easy.  They are made difficult when we try to hold on to the past, and resist the opportunity to grow in new ways.  I am looking forward to doing a lot of nothing for the first several weeks of retirement, before discerning the new patterns into which I will settle.  I would encourage you to move forward as people of faith, confident that God knows what He’s doing in our lives.  So, let go of the past, welcome Fr. Roush as your Pastor, support the next principal to be hired as she/he deserves, and press forward to the Kingdom.  Seek to live the grace of the Eucharist, which is the unity of believers, never grieving the Lord with divisions.

For all the good people of Nativity Parish with whom I have had the great pleasure to serve, I give thanks to Almighty God.  I am confident that with consciences clear those same good people will continue to generously respond to the Lord’s call to serve Him and build up His Kingdom.

Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Paul