Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The COVID-19 Virus continues to shadow our lives. We pray for those who are sick to recover, for our children to learn and be healthy, for those who produce our food, and labor in our grocery stores and pharmacies.

We pray for the scientists and healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, those who clean and maintain our hospitals, nursing homes, we pray for all who work in the ministry of healthcare. We pray for our police, our firefighters, our EMT’s and first responders. We pray for our businesses big and small, for employers and employees, for all who are out of work. The Corona shadow is dark and large and seems to overwhelm us.

We are an Easter people who see the light of Christ still burning brightly. In that light we know all the saints are gathered around the altar in heaven praying for us, taking our prayers to the Father, through Jesus the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

I take comfort in knowing that  Mary, the mother of Jesus and Joseph her husband, place our prayers and intentions into the arms of Jesus. All this is in mind and heart as we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1st.

Joseph, the husband of Mary is the Patron of all Workers. I hope you will take time to give your prayers and intentions to him. To help us in opening our hearts to St. Joseph the following are offered:

  • Fill out the enclosed prayer intention sheet and place in the enclosed envelope. You may either mail the envelope back to us or bring your intention sheet to church and place it in the basket in front of St. Joseph. Spend time in prayer with St. Joseph before the Blessed Sacrament in church.
  • As you leave church, please take an Easter candle for your prayer at home. (Home Easter candles are available on the tables in the back of church). If you would like to have one, but cannot get to church to pick it up, please give us a call or email us and we will be sure to get one delivered to you. (513) 531-3164
  • Pray the Prayer of St. Joseph
  • Pray the Litany of St. Joseph

With the prayers of Mary and Joseph and all the saints, be assured of God’s total and complete love for each of us.

Be well and God bless you,

Fr. Paul

P.S.  May is the month dedicated to Mary. Customs encourage us to build May altars in our homes that remind us of our mother Mary’s care for us all. It may also help us focus on our prayer. We encourage you to bring flowers to church and place them before the image of Mary throughout the month of May.