Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On April 1, 2020 I went to Church.  I had not been in the building since we closed everything down.  I was first struck by my love for the place.  I missed being there.  I was struck by how much I missed you.  I love when we are all together there.  I missed the Mass.  I love the Eucharist and want never to live without it.

All this said I became aware that I was not in an empty room.  In this building the portal or doorway to Heaven, I could hear 50 years of faithful voices singing out; 50 years of prayer and faithful worship.  I heard your voices and saw your faces.

We are the body of Christ, present in Word, Sacrament and the Baptized.

Each year on Palm Sunday our immersion into the Mysteries of this most Holy Week begin.  We gather outside the doors of Church; Bells ringing, Hosanas sung.  When all are in place, a moment of quiet occurs and the priest invites the faithful to participate actively and consciously in the celebration.

Dear brothers and sisters,
since the beginning of Lent until now
we have prepared our hearts
by penance and charitable works.
Today we gather together to herald with the whole Church
the beginning of the celebration
of our Lord’s Paschal Mystery,
that is to say, of his Passion and Resurrection.
For it was to accomplish this mystery
that he entered his own city of Jerusalem.
Therefore, with all faith and devotion,
let us commemorate
the Lord’s entry into the city for our salvation,
following in his footsteps,
so that, being made by his grace partakers of the Cross,
we may have a share also
in his Resurrection and in his life.
(Roman Missal) 

Often the season of Lent and Holy Week is more an idea than a lived experience or reality. The Coronavirus has changed this habit.  We know firsthand that sacrifice is required of each one of us for the good of all.  Penances we have chosen are increased by the presence of illness, confusion, loneliness, fear and the unknown.  Charitable works are essential, especially in our home where we are learning how to be family in unusual circumstances.  Charity calls us to be for others, even as we stay at home, to care for the lonely, hurting, poor, and the sick.  This Palm Sunday we are given the gifts of the passion that lead to resurrection.

Through God’s grace we are made partakers of the cross.  May we have a share also of his Resurrection and in his life.

Fr. Paul DeLuca, Pastor