It has been a very busy few weeks of renovation at Nativity! Below is an update of where each of the major renovation projects are at this point. Be sure to visit Facebook and our Flickr page for updates and photos.


  • All of the old pews have been removed
  • Work on patching the holes left by the old pew anchors has begun. Over 230 holes were patched to make the floor look the best and to accommodate the changes to the layout of the new pews
  • Work has started on stripping all the wax off the marble baseboard throughout church. When the floor project is complete we will no longer need to wax the floor in church which will reduce maintenance costs of labor, material, and damage to the new pews
  • All of the doors have been removed and been sent out to be stripped and stained
  • All the other woodwork has been stripped and sanding will start next week


  • Asbestos abatement in the offices, office hallway, library and lab is complete
  • Demolition work in the gym is 80% complete
  • The walls between rooms 103, the office, and the old main entrance have been removed
  • The wall between the lab and library has been removed as well.