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Contact Us

Contact Us

Parish Office

5935 Pandora Ave.
Cincinnati Ohio 45213

(513) 531-3164

School Office

5936 Ridge Ave.
Cincinnati Ohio 45213

(513) 458-6767

St. Vincent DePaul

5935 Pandora Ave.
Cincinnati Ohio 45213

(513) 531-0283

Fr. Pat Sloneker Pastor (513) 531-3164 | Email
Fr. Jerry Gardner Parochial Vicar

(513) 531-3164 | Email

Fr. Dave Lemkuhl Parochial Vicar (513) 531-3164 | Email
Lisa McCoy Principal (513) 458-6767 | Email
Jeff Warren Assistant Principal (513) 458-6767 | Email
Sr. Janet Schneider Director of Religious Education & Pastoral Associate (513) 531-3164 | Email
Matt Jackson Business Manager (513) 531-3164 | Email
Thomas Franklin Director of Music Ministry (513) 531-3164 | Email
Meg Anderson Project Manager (513) 531-3164 | Email
Ginny Lubanski Manager of Communications  (513) 531-3164 | Email
Deacon Bill Staun Deacon  
Mary Lennard Master Catechist (513) 531-3164
Julie Spangler Klug Children’s Choir Director (513) 531-3164
Micki Spencer Assistant to the Principal (513) 458-6767 | Email
Barb Meirose Office Assistant (513) 458-6767 | Email

Anna Erickson

Kindergarten Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Angela Conrad Kindergarten Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Katie Makin Kindergarten Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Peggy Lamb Kindergarten Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Jenna Bange First Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Tiffany Messer First Grade Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Kennedi McVicker First Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Kate Berliner First Grade Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Chris Cain Second Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Kiernan Faulhaber Second Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Missy Minghetti Second Grade Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Pamela Capobianco Third Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Allison Dimmitt Third Grade Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Jeannie Leo Third Grade Instructional Aide (513) 458-6767 | Email
Jenny Farfsing Intermediate Language Arts (513) 458-6767 | Email
Shannon Hall Intermediate Science (513) 458-6767 | Email
Karen McFarland Intermediate Social Studies (513) 458-6767 | Email
Gina Tennerelli Intermediate Math (513) 458-6767 | Email
Amy Barrett Upper School Language Arts (513) 458-6767 | Email
Andrew Shibinski Upper School Social Studies (513) 458-6767 | Email
Karen Gruenke Upper School Science (513) 458-6767 | Email
Megan McCarty Upper School Language Arts and Religion (513) 458-6767 | Email
Chris Temar Upper School Math (513) 458-6767 | Email
Theresa Olivas Upper School Language Arts and Religion (513) 458-6767 | Email
Jim Gillum Music Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Maureen Dietz Art Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
  Librarian (513) 458-6767 | Email
Liz Wells Physical Education Teacher (513) 458-6767 | Email
Emily Muroski STEAM Instructional Specialist (513) 531-0209 | Email
Jarrod Lux Latin (513) 458-6767 | Email
Radka Benin Spanish (513) 458-6767 | Email
Sarah Crane Nurse – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Teressa Glass Reading Specialist – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Katie Grefer Reading Specialist (513) 458-6767 | Email
Carolyn Hohl Math Specialist – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Kris Kettman Intervention Specialist – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Kristen Semberg Reading Specialist – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Anne McDonald School Psychologist – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Megan Uihlein Clerk – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email
Rebecca Wuest Speech – Auxiliary Services (513) 458-6767 | Email


From north of the city…

I-75 south

Take the Galbraith Road Exit.
At the end of the exit ramp, turn left/east. Proceed east on Galbraith crossing over Reading Road.
Cross the railroad tracks and proceed up the hill.
At the first light at the top of the hill, turn right/south on Ridge Road.
Proceed south on Ridge, crossing Section (1st light). At the top of the hill you enter Pleasant Ridge. Cross Montgomery Road.
At the third light, turn left onto Woodford and then an immediate right into the parking lot at Nativity.

I-71 south.

Take the Ridge Avenue/Kennedy Avenue Exit. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left toward Ridge.
At the first light turn right/north onto Ridge.
Proceed north on Ridge, crossing the railroad tracks. You have just entered Pleasant Ridge.
At the first traffic light at the top of the hill, turn right onto Woodford and then make an immediate right into the parking lot at Nativity.

From downtown…

I-71 north

Take the Ridge Avenue North exit (the second Ridge Avenue exit).
At the end of the ramp proceed north on Ridge. When you cross the railroad tracks, you enter Pleasant Ridge. Turn right onto Woodford at the first light after the railroad tracks at the top of the hill. An immediate right takes you into the Nativity parking lot.

Safe Parish

A thorough background check is required for all those employed or volunteering to work with youth or vulnerable adults as a cleric, at a parish or school, as an Archdiocesan employee or at an Archdiocesan institution.

All volunteers and employees are required to complete the electronic/online background check through prior to beginning their volunteer activity or employment. In addition to the electronic/online background check, employees are required to complete manual fingerprinting and submit a B4 form before beginning their employment at an Archdiocesan parish, school, or institution.

Stay Up-to-date with Nativity

Contact us to be added to our mailing lists for the parish and school related to funerals, Holy Days of Obligation, important parish events, and the weekly Nativity News which includes information from the school and the parish bulletin.

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