Moving Forward Together

2019 Annual Fund

Dear Friends,

2019 has been another exceptional year for celebrating the history of Nativity! On Saturday, May 18, 2019, exactly 50 years to the day, we honored the 50th Anniversary of the Dedication of Nativity Church with a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr followed by a party in the courtyard featuring complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment. Many that attended commented on how attractive and well-kept our church and campus look.

Just as early parishioners planned and sacrificed for many years to build a church and school, today’s Nativity families continue to make sacrificial offerings to keep our campus secure and up to date while still remaining debt free. Thanks to your generosity, the 2018 Annual Fund raised over $96,000 to replace flooring in the cafeteria and upgrade restrooms in the church to make them accessible to all. Both of those projects are on-going with the cafeteria flooring to be completed after we make unanticipated drain and pipe repairs. The restrooms in church will be upgraded based on the contractor’s schedule, most likely after Christmas.  

WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU! The on-going maintenance and improvements to our campus are made possible by your donations to Nativity Annual Funds. We are sincerely grateful!

As we look ahead to Nativity’s future, our Moving Forward Together 2019 Annual Fund seeks $100,000 in donations to improve campus security and fire detection which is undeniably important in today’s environment. In addition, we will install better speakers in church to improve clarity during liturgical celebrations and other functions held in church. Also, we will finish updating the cafeteria with a new ceiing, LED lighting and wall coverings. Please take a moment to read more about our Moving Forward Together 2019 Annual Fund in the enclosed brochure. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Will you help Nativity continue to upgrade our facilities? Will you consider giving generously to the 2019 Annual Fund?

Thank you for your generosity in the past – and in advance – for improving our parish facilities through your support! May we continue to enjoy God’s blessings as we move forward together.


Fr. Paul DeLuca
Nativity Pastor
Parish Office: 531-3164
Dianne Fisk
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-382-5568
Charlie Knapke
Annual Fund Co-Chair
Mobile: 513-748-9450


Amount Raised

As of December 6, 2019, 50 Nativity families have donated $19,000 to our “Moving Forward Together”  2019 Annual Fund.

Annual Fund Brochure

Annual Fund Brochure Image

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

Veronica Allen, William and Mary Jo Bach, Dave and Karen Barnes, Jim and Liz Bellew, George and Deirdre Beluan, John and Jouett Brenzel, Dottie Brinker, John and Cathy Burns, Eugene and JoAnn Carlson, Margaret Casey, Brian and Jennifer Clark, Lee and Diana DeRhodes, Norman and Roseanne Dickerson, Margaret Gilbert, Kevin and Beth Glass, Tom and Blanche Glenn, Donald and Jeanmarie Gregg, James Hagerty, Alice Harkins, Connie Honerlaw, Terrence and Birgit Hooker, Joe and Barbara Iaciofano, Ron Jackson, Charlie and Melissa Knapke, Lin Laing, Dan and Heidi Leugers, Debbie Liberi, Steve and Nancy Long, Jeanne Longeway, Edward and Beth Magner, John Matre, James Miller, Jason and Alicia Moser, Nativity Boosters, Nativity PTA, John and Amy Neeb, Richard Norton, Justin and Megan Parcell, Roy and Judy Parsons, Christopher Pohlman , Maxine Potter, Allan and Karen Rahe, John and Eunice Ravenna, Mary Reichling, Jim and Megan Robinson, Pat and Mary Ann Romanello, Marilyn Sheeran, Jeff and Micki Spencer, Lester Tierney, Rita Timoney, Ward and Jane Wenstrup,

2019 Annual Fund Goals

Nativity families enjoy the Centennial Circus, one of three special events held in 2017 celebrating 100 years of Nativity.

The 2019 Annual Fund “Moving Forward Together” campaign will go toward five projects, at a total cost of $100,000:

  • $35,000 will allow us to finish updating the cafeteria with a new ceiling, LED lighting and wall coverings by the end of next summer. 2018 Annual Fund dollars will be used to provide new flooring in the cafeteria and adjacent hallway. That 2018 project was put on hold until the damaged pipework underneath the floor could be successfully repaired.
  • $30,000 will go toward campus security, specifically to buy and install more cameras to allow for complete visibility of the grounds from inside our buildings.
  • $13,000 will pay for a fire detection system for the church to protect some of our oldest and most valuable artifacts.
  • $12,000 will allow us to install new speakers to enhance sound in the church.
  • $10,000 will go into our School Education Fund, a long-standing Annual Fund priority to offer support to families with need.

Two Decades of Changes to Our Campus

Your generosity has made Nativity’s growth possible. Thank you for your continued support!

Aerial views of the Nativity campus in the early 2000s (top) and in 2019 (bottom) highlight almost 20 years of improvements to the Nativity campus.

The Development Commission

Thanks to members of the Development Commission who planned the 2019 Annual Fund. Members include

  • Fr. Paul DeLuca – Pastor
  • Julie Abraham – Development Director
  • Allan Burgei – Chair
  • John Bruggeman
  • Curt Brunswick
  • Holly End
  • Dianne Fisk – Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Rick Jones – Planned Giving Chair
  • Charlie Knapke – Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Mike Garry
  • Patti Newberry
  • Mary Anne Phalen
  • Tammy Reasoner
  • Jim Robinson

Special thanks to the Annual Fund 2019 brochure team: Jim Molloy, designer; Patti Newberry, writer; Rudy Gruenke, photographer & web support; and Sharon Kindell and Cindy Schlegel, staff support.