Building Our Community

Annual Fund 2020-2021

Dear Friends,

Most would agree the year 2020 will be a year to remember. It has been wrought with world-wide, national and local challenges.

Within our Nativity community, we have faced transitions due to Father Paul’s retirement and the changeover of our school principal. Yet, with God’s blessings, most Nativity families have met the challenges with grace and resilience.

Despite the challenges, Nativity parishioners collectively donated $93,930 to this past year’s Annual Fund. Your generosity allowed us to update the cafeteria; improve the sound system in church; install a fire detection system in church; add security cameras to our campus; and add $10,000 to our School Education Fund, all the while remaining debt free.

WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU! The on-going maintenance and improvements to our campus are made possible by your donations to Nativity Annual Funds. We are sincerely grateful!

As we look ahead to Nativity’s future, the “Building Our Community” 2020-2021 Annual Fund seeks $100,000 in donations to establish a COVID Relief Fund to help pay unexpected expenses in the school during the pandemic; install a fire detection system in the parish office building; and install technology in church to allow for streaming of Mass and sacramental celebrations. Furthermore, we will add $10,000 to the School Education Fund which provides tuition assistance to families in need. Additionally, we will allocate $5,000 to be shared between St. Vincent de Paul and The Caring Place, a first-time Annual Fund priority to help our neighbors in the community. Exploring the feasibility of air conditioning the school in the future remains a priority once we get through the pandemic.

Please take a moment to read more about the “Building Our CommunityAnnual Fund in the enclosed brochure. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Will you help Nativity continue to improve our facilities and help members of our community during these unprecedented times? Will you consider giving generously to the 2020-2021 Annual Fund?

Thank you for your generosity in the past and for your lasting support in the future. May we continue to enjoy God’s blessings as together we help improve our facilities and build our community.



Fr. Eric Roush Jason D. Moser
Pastor, Holy Trinity/Nativity Pastoral Region
(513) 531-3164
Annual Fund Chair
(513) 518-1440





THANK YOU!!! “Building Our Community” 2020-2021 Annual Fund has surpassed 123% of its $100,000 goal!!!

We want to express our deep gratitude to the 157 Nativity families who have collectively contributed $123,300 to the “Building Our Community” Annual Fund. We are humbled by your kind generosity!

Now that we have exceeded our 2020-2021Annual Fund goal, we respectfully ask that you consider directing future donations to either Sunday Collections or School Support which support the day-to-day operations of our parish and school. These funds help pay operational costs including payroll, maintenance of the buildings, utilities, and supplies. To donate to Sunday Collection, go to To donate to School Support, go to Or you may mail a check to Nativity, 5935 Pandora Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45213. Thank you for your continued support of Nativity!


Amount Raised

THANK YOU!!! As of September 14, 2021, the “Building Our Community” 2020-2021 Annual Fund has surpassed 123% of its $100,000 goal!!!


Annual Fund Brochure Image

Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

Greg and Heather Albright, William and Mary Jo Bach, Elizabeth Badinghaus, Thomas and Kathleen Badinghaus, Dave and Karen Barnes, William and Sally Baum, Brad Behringer, George and Deirdre Beluan, Clete and Ann Benken, Judith Beridon, Nathan and Dana Bishop, John and Jouett Brenzel, Ben and Jill Brink, Dottie Brinker, William and Janice Brown, John and Peg Bruggeman, Curt and Rebecca Brunswick, Wally and Sandra Bucher, Allan and Suzanne Burgei, John and Cathy Burns, Eugene and JoAnn Carlson, Margaret Casey, Mike and Katie Chapman, Robert and Laura Chrysler, Russ and Angela Conrad, Mary Cronin, Angela Davis, Tony and Katie DeBlasio, Ryan and Ann Dempsey, Lee and Diana DeRhodes, James and Julie Devanney, James and Kathleen Devanney, Norman and Roseanne Dickerson, Tom and Mary Beth Donelan, Adam and Nicole Dunki-Jacobs, Matthew and Ellen Durchholz, Christian and Holly End, Elizabeth End, James Eversmann, George Fisher and Barb Riley, John and Beth Finn, Andy and Beth Freeze, Neal Gardner, Michael and Sharon Garry, Brian and Rebecca Gernetzke, Kevin and Elizabeth Glass, Tom and Blanche Glenn, Donald and Jeanmarie Gregg, Eric and Beth Gunderson, Steven and Christine Guyer, Christopher and Courtney Haas, Jim Hagerty, Tracy Hagerty, Courtney Hass, Martha Heidkamp, Jeffery and Elizabeth Heile, Carren Herring, Daniel and Laura Hillerich, Zack and Beth Holt, Connie Honerlaw, Terrence and Birgit Hooker, Michael Hopkins and Claire Yates, Christopher and Kimberly Hubley, Benjamin and Maureen Hunt, Joseph and Barbara Iaciofano, Garrett and Ellen Jackson, Ronald Jackson, Bob and Lisa Jennings, Rick and Tara Jones, Kathryn Kaelin, Brian and Lauen Kaeppner, Eric and Sarah Kleiner, Stephen and Mary Ann Klonne, Roger and Julie Klug, Charles and Melissa Knapke, Danny and Kristin Kraft, Maria Kreppel, Lin Laing, Mathew and Kathleen Lake, Mark and Molly Landers, Chris Lane, Rick and Christine Lane, Bill and Mary Lennard, Dan and Heidi Leugers, Debora Liberi, David and Judy Lococo, Jeanne Longeway, John Matre, Joseph and Kathy Mellen, Richard and Kathleen Merz, Ronald and Mary Kay Meyers, Patrick and Kathy Michel, Tom Millard, James Miller, Jim and Laurie Molloy, David Morris, Jason and Alicia Moser, James and Beth Muething, Paul and Terri Muething, Jeff and Kim Mumper, Larry and Barbara Mustard, Joseph and Stacy Naberhaus, Kevin and Melanie Nathan, Nativity Boosters, Nativity PTA, David and Sarah Navarro, Margaret Nawalaniec, John and Amy Neeb, Douglas and Patricia Newberry, Mark and Gretchen Niswonger, Richard Norton, Lynne O’Donnell, Rick and Carol Osterwisch, William and Jacqueline Park, Stephanie Pelmoter, Jason Percival, Joe and Trina Perin, Glenn Pfister, Jane Pohlman, Gary and Jeanne Pollock, Maxine Potter, Zachary and Katherine Prendergast, Allan and Karen Rahe, Alex Ramirez and Yvette Neirovz, Bob and Sue Ramsay, Mark and Maureen Reese, David and Colleen Rettig, Thomas and Stephanie Reyering, Cameron and Stephanie Riley, Joseph and June Robb, Jim and Megan Robinson, Dan and Diane Roketenetz, Patrick and Mary Ann Romanello, Todd and Molly Ross, Eleanor Rutishauser, Mary Ryan, John and Jane Schultz, Marilyn Sheeran, Kevin and Lise Sigward, Rob and Bitsy Smyjunas, Tim and Bea Souder, Shirley Speaks, David and Kelly Theurer, Milka Thompson, Lester Tierney, Rita Timoney, Andrew Tobergte and Sheila North, Dave and Anne Tobin, Roger and Nita Toennis, Joe and Diana Trevino, Barbara Tyirin, Joseph and Debora VanGils, John and Robyn Van Rens, Helen Vollman, Paul and Cheryl Weisgerber, Brian and Rose Wendel, Ward and Jane Wenstrup, Richard and Pamela Wulker, Anthony and Meredith Zembrodt,

2020-2021 Annual Fund Goals

Nativity seeks $100,000 to reach “Building Our Community” goals:

  • $57,000 to establish a COVID Relief Fund to provide for unexpected expenses in our school incurred due to the pandemic like the installation of cameras in all classrooms for distance learning, software to conduct daily wellness checks, and sanitizer.
  • $13,000 for a system in the parish offices to detect fire during evenings and weekends.
  • $15,000 to install technology in the church to allow for streaming of Mass and sacramental celebrations such as First Communion and Confirmation. (Nativity has been awarded a grant to help cover the full cost of this expense.)
  • $5,000 to be shared between St. Vincent de Paul and The Caring Place, a first-time Annual Fund priority to help our neighbors in the community.
  • $10,000 for our School Education Fund to provide tuition assistance to families in need.

The Nativity Story

Nativity, now 103 years old, has long been dedicated to caring for its home for worship, learning and gathering. In the last 30 years, thanks to the efforts of so many, we’ve been able to complete much work without incurring parish debt.

In 1990, we created a Facilities Management Commission to begin drafting a Long-Range Pastoral Plan.
In 1995, we created a Development Commission to evaluate short- and long-term financial needs of the parish.
In 1999, we launched the first Annual Fund campaign.
In 2001, we created a Master Plan Steering Committee and began crafting a $2.8 million capital campaign to build St. Sebastian Hall and other major projects.

In the years since, we’ve counted on the great generosity of Nativity families to support the Annual Fund that has made possible continued upgrades to the school (cafeteria, classrooms, elevators, offices and the Learning Commons); the church (new roof, new heating and cooling, window repairs, new pews and altar upgrades); the grounds (parking lot, courtyard, gathering spaces); and the overall security, accessibility and utility of all of our spaces.

The 2020-2021 Annual Fund asks for your continued support for our parish, its people and its neighbors. Your contribution, no matter its size, is most welcome.

If your employer offers matching gifts, please contact your human resources office for details.

Your generosity has made Nativity’s growth possible. Thank you for your continued support!

Aerial views of the Nativity campus in the early 2000s (top) and in 2019 (bottom) highlight almost 20 years of improvements to the Nativity campus.

The Development Commission

Thanks to members of the Development Commission who planned the 2020-2021 “Building Our Community” Annual Fund. Members include

  • Fr. Eric Roush – Pastor, Holy Trinity/Nativity Pastoral Region
  • Julie Abraham – Development Director
  • Allan Burgei – Development Commission Chair (through May 31, 2021)
  • Ann Dempsey
  • Mike Garry
  • Rick Jones
  • Jason Moser – Annual Fund Chair
  • Patti Newberry
  • Tammy Reasoner
  • Jim Robinson – Development Commission Chair (Beginning June 1, 2021)
  • John Vonder Haar

Special thanks to the Annual Fund 2020-2021 brochure team: Jim Molloy, designer; Patti Newberry, writer; Rudy Gruenke, photographer & web support; and Sharon Kindell, staff support.