Give Back the Gift

“Give Back the Gift” – A Catholic Education Fund for Nativity
“We can continue to lament that the rising cost of a Catholic grade school education is making it unavailable to many Catholic families… or we can do something about it.”

What a meaningful way to recognize the Sisters of Mercy and to continue their legacy.

Our History

Beginning in 1921 with the Ursuline Sisters, and in 1926 with the Sisters of Mercy, religious sisters provided academic and spiritual instruction to thousands of students who attended Nativity School. For more than 50 years, students received this invaluable gift of a Catholic education at absolutely no cost thanks to the sacrifices and dedication of these sisters.

In the ‘70s, however, with the declining number of sisters available to instruct, lay teachers needed to be compensated. What began as a minimal “book fee” to help defray this new expense has escalated into present day in-parish, per student tuition of over $3,000.

Today’s Situation

Despite high tuition fees, schools which depend solely on tuition and parish subsidy from church collections will face increased challenges to meet operating expenses, resulting in either:

  • Continued increases in tuition: (making Catholic education unaffordable/ unattainable for many parish families) or
  • A reduction in the quality of educators and in the quality of education: (affecting the Foreign Language, Arts, Technology, as well as Advanced Math and Science curriculum and other programs unique to Nativity.

Our Plan

“Give Back the Gift… a Catholic Education Fund” has been established for Nativity School as a source of additional funds to ensure the parish ministry’s long-term sustainability… and quality of its offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who will support “Give Back the Gift… a Catholic Education Fund”?
A:  Our goal is to initially seek the support of non-parishioner alumni and parents of alumni. We will also seek support from charitable foundations. In addition, we will attempt to “sell’ the appeal of a proven-successful parochial school in a diverse urban neighborhood to individuals/groups working to slow the exodus of Hamilton county residents to the suburbs.

Q:  Why should You support “Give Back the Gift”?
A:   Chances are you have already experienced the benefits of the Catholic education you received at Nativity School. Today, the school provides an exemplary solid academic education with a global perspective – – enhanced by the arts and technology – – all rooted in the gospels of Jesus Christ. Nine years of  Nativity education, which you received at very little or no cost, now totals almost $20,000.

It’s a gift worth giving back!

Q: How will the Fund be used?
A: Monies from the “Give Back the Gift… a Catholic Education Fund” will be used to address current school needs. The supplementary funds will allow Nativity administrators to address unexpected expenses – and opportunities – without having to automatically resort to tuition increases or adjustments in academic offerings.

Q:  When and how can You support the Fund?
A:  Keep reading for a variety of  specific ways to help establish and grow the Fund… starting today!

Take your next step to help Give Back the Gift.