Back to School Technology Update

Here are the latest updates and enhancements to technology that have been made over the summer to improve technology at school as well as at home.
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Latest Updates on Twitter

Dear Parents;

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with information about some of the updates and enhancements to technology that have been made over the summer to improve technology at school as well as at home.

  • Increased internet speed – Planned before COVID we increased the speed of our internet connection on campus as we were occasionally maxing out on bandwidth. This increase should help improve the internet speed and accommodate the increased demand due to streaming and additional student devices.
  • Fewer Platforms – Working with the teachers, we reviewed what software/platforms we were using and reduced the total number of platforms used to help streamline and make things easier.
  • Additional Integrations – Working with our partners at RenWeb and Clever we have added integrations that allow for improved student login and reduces the number of usernames and passwords students need. Unfortunately, not everything was able to be done this way but this should make things easier.
  • New Tools for Parents – This week you should have received information about the Clever Family Portal as well as the GoGuardian Family Access. These tools are designed to make it easier for parents to assist their children with logging in as well as monitor what they are doing on school-owned devices.
  • Going 1:1 – We have purchased enough Chromebooks to go 1:1 this school year. Due to delays in delivery, due to the high demand for devices right now we will give devices to remote students first, then Upper School, Intermediate, and finally primary. Should we go fully remote all students are expected to use their Nativity device during the school day, this will make it easier for the teachers and the technology staff to troubleshoot issues.
  • Camera Systems for the Classrooms – each classroom now has a Logitech Rally Plus camera system that will allow the teacher to live stream their classroom during the day for any remote learners. Teachers received training on how to use the system this week during the back to school Professional Development.

Coming Soon

  • The week of September 8 you will receive via your child’s backpack, or in the mail for remote learners, a list of all of your student’s login data. We hope that this will make it easier for families to know what software their children are using at school and assist them with logging in at home.
  • We are working on updates to the Help Desk website to provide more information about technology, how to troubleshoot issues, and more. This should be ready in the next few weeks and we will let you know when it is live.
  • Updates to the Family Portal (formerly ParentsWeb) – We have made some updates to the Family Portal ( and will be using this as an additional source of information for Parents. Each time you log in you will now see important announcements right on the front page.

If you need technical assistance throughout the year, please use the Help Desk at This allows us to better track issues and monitor progress and trends that may be causing issues.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at (513) 531-0209 or

Here is to a great school year!


Mr. Rudy Gruenke IV
Director of Systems & Special Project
Church of the Nativity of Our Lord

P.S. If you have not set up School-Pass we recommend you do so before Tuesday. We have enabled wellness checks so that parents can see what they look like and practice submitting them before Tuesday. If you need assistance please submit a help ticket and we will work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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