Campus WiFi

The latest updates to the Campus WiFi extend internet service to outdoor spaces as well as the church.
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Latest Updates on Twitter

With a grant from Broadband Ohio, Nativity now has WiFi capabilities on the exterior grounds of the campus. Families who do not have access to the internet at home are welcome to come sit in the parking lot (or on nicer days the courtyard or other gardens on campus) to access the Guest WiFi. These upgrades were paid for entirely by the grant and did not cost Nativity any money.

Wi-Fi availability

Wi-Fi Internet access is available across the entire Nativity campus including all four buildings and the outdoor spaces on campus.

Requirements for internet access

  • Students – are not permitted to access the WiFi other than on their approved Nativity device. The WiFi will automatically be pushed to student devices so they do not need to enter or add anything.
  • Faculty/Staff – Should use their computer username and password to access the “Nativity_Staff” network.
  • Guests – Should access the Nativity_Guest network. Once connected you will be directed to agree to the terms and services and then directed to the Nativity website.
  • Special Events – the Nativity_Events WiFi can be used for select special events at Nativity. Contact the Help Desk at (513) 531-0209 or submit a ticket and they will get you the current password.

All personal computers and mobile devices, portable or not, that you bring onto the campus are required to have antivirus and anti-spyware software installed and running with current virus and spyware definitions.

Use of personal computers and other wireless devices on the campus network is subject to the same policies as usage of Nativity computers.

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