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What people know, think, say, and feel about Nativity comes from a wide range of sources, experiences, and interactions. The faculty, curriculum, website, social media, publications, events, facilities,   parents, parishioners, and the countless other ways people observe and interact with Nativity all shape our brand.

Some of the Tools we use to communicate With the Nativity Community

The NativityNews is the primary communication vehicle for important information happening at Nativity. Sent out each Tuesday from August to June the Newsletter includes important information for both School and Parish.

Please send all newsletter submissions to Lengthy submissions should be sent in the form of a PDF with a 1-2 sentence introduction that can be included in the newsletter.

Have something for the bulletin? All submissions must be in by 9:00 am on Mondays for inclusion. Bulletin inserts must be submitted by Noon on Tuesdays to allow time for printing and inserting. Please submit all items to 


The Nativity website is one of the primary communication tools for prospective parishioners and school families. All public facing websites must be approved by the Office of Systems & Special Projects before going live. It is important that all public websites follow Nativity’s brand guidelines and has a URL that represents Nativity. If there are updates that need to be made to our website, please submit a help ticket.

All Nativity social media accounts must follow the Archdioceses policy on Social Media Accounts. All programs, departments, business units, groups, organizations and events must use official Nativity social media icons on official social media sites to visually connect with the school or parish. All new social media accounts must be approved by the Office of Systems & Special Projects. A list of the Official Nativity Social Media Accounts can be found here.

Nativity use email communication to share important information with our various communities. Any communications using email should be submitted via a help ticket at least two (2) weeks before you would like it sent. This allows us time to design the layout and ensure that it does not conflict with other emails that are scheduled to go out.

The text message system is primarily used for important communications that need to get to people fast. We try to limit the use of this system for marketing messages. If you would like to send a text message please submit a work order.

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