Safety & Security

About Campus Security

In today’s environment, it is extremely important that all visitors to our campus have the assurance that they are safe. Because of this, the parish has developed procedures to help minimize opportunities for security to be compromised. However, the procedures are only effective if everyone is committed to them, even if the restrictions seem inconvenient. The Office of Systems & Special Projects reviews these policies and continues to work to keep the campus a safe environment for all who visit our campus.

Security Cameras

In 2012 we upgraded our security procedures and installed several cameras around the campus. In 2018 as part of a major renovation we relocated the school office we added additional security equipment to improve campus security. The cameras are constantly recorded in a secure location and monitored by various staff members throughout the day.

Crisis Plan

Working in cooperation with the local fire and law enforcement, a crisis plan has been developed which outlines the procedures to be followed in the event that there is a natural disaster or an emergency situation on the campus. The Director of Systems and Special Projects oversees the Crisis plan and works closely with other department heads to review and update the plan as needed.

Access to the School

The outside doors to the school are locked during school hours. Security cameras have been installed at the school’s main entrance and are monitored from within the building. Before entering, a person must be “buzzed” in by a secretary or a member of the administration. Visitors are required to sign in at the school office before continuing on to their destination in the building. Visitors receive a visitor’s badge, which indicates that they are authorized to be on the premises for a specific purpose. This helps monitor who is in the building. Persons without such identification should be reported to the school office.

The faculty, staff, and students are instructed not to open doors to visitors. It is important that parents respect these instructions and do not try to enter the buildings from the playground or other areas without authorization, particularly at dismissal times. It is also important for parents to reinforce the value of safety procedures to their children, siblings, grandparents, etc., who may have occasion to be at the school.