Schedule an Event

  1. Complete the required information about
    1. Your contact information
    2. When the event is
    3. Be sure to indicate if it is a public request
    4. This indicates if the event is open to the public
    5. Enter the categories that best fit your request
    6. Enter the estimated number of people who will be attending
  2. Enter the Real Person Verification and Click Next
  3. Review the general information. If you need to make any changes click the “Edit General Information” button
  4. Spaces
    1. Select the Space/Spaces you would like to reserve
    2. You can use the filters to quickly filter the list by building, or if the room has a whiteboard, video conferencing system, etc.
  5. Resources
    1. Select any resources you might need for your event like chairs, tables etc.
  6. Once you click submit an event you will see a confirmation page. Please note your event is not approved until you receive the approval email from the system.
    1. On this page, you can submit another event or check the status of your event submissions.
  7. On the Check Your Requests page you will see all events you have submitted.
    1. Requested – Your event has been submitted and is waiting for an Admin to review it.
    2. Declined – Your event has been declined. You will receive an email with the information on why. You can go back to your dashboard and resubmit.
    3. Pending – Your event has been reviewed and is pending approval
    4. Approved – Your event is approved