January 2021 – Parish Council Update

Monthly update from the Office of Systems & Special Projects.
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  • Church
    • Investigating leak above air handler. Seems to be coming from the roof and traveling all the way to the basement.
  • School
    • Replaced freezer in the kitchen
  • Parish Office
    • Repairing stack to SVDP and 2nd floor toilets due to large hole that appears to have rusted out over time
  • St. Sebastian Hall
    • Replaced hoop motor #3, Hoop motor # 4 not working waiting for company to come look at it.
  • Grand Vista House
  • Campus
    • HVAC preventative maintenance completed on all 5 buildings and the heat has been turned on. Only issue found was on the SSH RTU#2 still investigating issue with the high limit switch
    • Continued work on refining cleaning schedules to accommodate Mass, School, and Boosters needs
    • Started planning for Advent/Christmas


  • Working on a revamp of our admissions materials to accommodate a more virtual online admissions process. Updated the application process to better capture
  • Having a virtual tour of the school, church and gym shot on November 13


  • Help Tickets, Help Tickets, Help Tickets
    • Resolved 208 technology-related help tickets in August to October 25. Most are related to going 1:1 in grades 4-8 and remote learning issues when school started.
  • Working with Boosters on the implementation of new software to improve registration, team communication etc.
  • Working on replacement plan/timeline for all technology-related items
  • Installation work related to Broadband Ohio grant. We received $56,000 from the state of Ohio to install public WiFi on the campus.
  • Got live streaming up and running in church and will use it for the Volleyball game during Catholic Schools Week

Special Projects

  • Continue to work with Sycamore Child Nutrition to improve the lunch program and to increase awareness and purchases.
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