Submit a Work Order

Some tips to improve help us get your work order completed as quickly as possible.

  • Make sure it is in the right Service Category
    • If your ticket is entered in the wrong service category it can delay work starting on your ticket.
  • Be as detailed as possible
    • The more detail you provide the less back and forth communication and questions need to be asked. This will help resolve your ticket faster
  • Once work starts on your ticket make sure you respond to ALL messages.
    • If responses are not received within 1 week the ticket will be closed
  • For Tech Related Issues before submitting a ticket have you tried the following
    • Rebooted the device (computer, Chromebook, Phone etc.)?
    • Have you Googled your issue? Sometimes a simple Google search can revile a quick and easy solution to your issue
    • Check the status page to see if we are experiencing an outage?