Solemnity Chorale

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Do you have limited free time but want to be involved in music ministry? Consider joining the newest addition to the parish music ministry, the Solemnity Chorale.

Solemnity Chorale is a project based choir for feast days and special occasions in the parish. This choir is designed for those members who want to sing the Mass, but don’t have the time to commit to regular weekly rehearsals. The rehearsal schedule for Solemnity Chorale is two to three weeks in advance of the Mass, and as a project based choir, come and sing for the feasts that you are able (with the preceding rehearsals for that feast). The Solemnity Chorale will combine with the adult choirs for maximum blend and delivering the highest quality of music. Please see the event schedule below.

Contact Matt Spencer if you have any questions regarding Solemnity Chorale or Music Ministry.

Solemnity Chorale Schedule 2016-2017

Feast of Christ the King:
Thursday, November 11 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, November 17 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Sunday, November 20 9:00am Mass
Christmas Rehearsals:
Thursday, December 8 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, December 15 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, December 22 Rehearsal 7:00pm (subject to cancellation)
Sunday, December 25 12:00AM – Christmas: Midnight Mass
Parish Centennial Celebration:
Thursday, February 9 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, February 16 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, February 23 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Sunday, February 26 10:00am Parish Centennial Mass with Archbishop Schnurr
Easter Sunday:
Thursday, April 6 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Monday, April 10 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Sunday, April 16 11:00am Mass
Pentecost Sunday:
Thursday, May 25 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Thursday, June 1 Rehearsal 7:00pm
Sunday, June 4 9:00am Mass



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November 11, 2016