In our continued efforts to improve School-to-Home communication, we are pleased to announce the introduction of ParentsWeb for students in Grades 4-8.  ParentsWeb is a School-to-Home communication portal enabling parents and their children to check the grades given in each class, view any missing assignments, and keep up-to-date with attendance and behavior reports.   This enables you to keep close track of progress and play a more active role in your child’s education.

How Quickly Will Grades Be Posted? Teachers will post grades within one (1) week after the assignment or test has been given. While some assignments may be posted sooner, please allow teachers a week to post the grades into the gradebook. Some large projects may take more than a week to grade. If this is the case the teachers will note it in the gradebook and on the portal. Please note that the current term grade is computed based on all assignments as they are received.

How do I login/setup my account? Most parents setup their accounts in the Spring during reenrollment. However if you have not setup your account you can follow the directions in the PDF below.

What do I do if I forgot my Username / Password? Go to ParentsWeb and Click “Forgot Username / Password” and the system will walk you through resetting your account. This works for Parents and Student accounts.

How do set up an account for my son or daughter? Information on how to setup student accounts can be found in the PDF below. We recommend that all students, grades 4-8 have their own account

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions? If you have any questions about grades, please contact your child’s teacher.  If there are technical issues with ParentsWeb, please contact, and we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We are committed to providing the information you need to help your child be successful.  We hope you find ParentsWeb to be a useful tool.  We appreciate your patience as we all learn how to maximize ParentsWeb for the benefit of our students.



Instructions for Setting Up Parent Access to ParentsWeb [PDF]

Instructions for Setting Up Student Access to ParentsWeb [PDF]